In Room 4 we are talking about Mindfulness and how stopping our busy lives to notice the beauty of what surrounds us helps us be grateful for God's creation. We have been doing this through mindful colouring and now we are researching and drawing Saints in stained glass art.

Safe walking with Constable Cameron. Today Room 4 went out for a walk to practice safe road crossing. Some of us were nervous as we had to check the road by looking right and left before crossing the road.

In Mandarin we are remembering some of our learning. Today Room 4 learned to count above 10 and then made dice.

Today our technology didn't work so well in the L,C, S assembly. However please enjoy some of the children's reports on Taniwha as well as their Koru T-shirt art.

In technology we are trying to use what we have learned to build a waterproof house for a lizard. Some are great!

We are lucky in Room 4 we can use technology to research RE information. Most of us recognise the phrase about grace from Thessalonians 5:28.

In Technology we are trying to make a house out of pipe cleaners. It is pretty tricky but we are experimenting. Some people never gave up!

In maths we are starting to learn about decimal place value.

In science we are doing an experiment to see how ice cubes melt when they are put in cold water, warm water and no water. We were not surprised that the warm water melted fast but we were surprised that the cold water ice cube melts at about the same rate as no water.

In Room 4 we are doing a shouting dictation. We have to tell each other the missing words to finish the poem. We use reading, writing and spelling skills. It's very noisy!

In Room 4 we are thinking about the size of animal enclosures so we went outside to measure 1 and 5 metre squares. What animal would fit in these enclosures?

Auckland Rugby is here! We had fun playing Rippa today.