Catholic citizens celebrate diversity! Please click below to see our videos - I'm not quite sure what happened to my technology!

In Room 4 the students have been doing some beautiful art to celebrate our different cultures and interests. Please see 3 examples below - thank you to Kori, Iliyas and Aden for sharing their work. Please congratulate them on learning to use the Ipads and Explain Everything to show their work.

Today is the shortest day so Room 4 is thinking about how the Earth, the Sun and the Moon interact to give us day and night.

Happy Dragon Boat Festival from Room 4. Keep safe and healthy for this traditional Chinese festival.

Science continues in Room 4. We are looking at forces and how they act on heavy and light objects.

Science in Room 4. We are trying to build a ramp that a marble takes 4 seconds to go down. We have to try different ideas and think like scientists.

In Chinese we are making chinese scrolls using the family words we have learned. It's tricky writing characters on wood.

In Room 4 we have learned more about how much sugar is in foods and what we should be eating from our Life Education bus. We had a look at some of our lunches on the food pyramid. There were lots of treat foods! Luckily some people also had yummy fruit and sandwiches.

Room 4 is first in the Life Education bus. We are learning about what goes into our bodies.

In Room 4 we are talking about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit so today we acted out different fruits.

In Inquiry we are learning about citizenship. Today we looked at Google maps and used them to label a map of New Zealand. We then found our other countries.

In maths statistics we are looking at how to organise data by using data squares. We are also learning to use Ipads to explain our learning.

Maths Problem-Solving in Room 4

In Room 4 we are thinking about habitats. We have sorted animals on to their correct habitats. This task tested our ability to work together.