The rubber egg experiment

We are learning about science and i saw an awesome! experiment so i tried it. You put an egg in a jar or container and pour some vinegar on it. You wait two days and after that time you will see the shell has come off and the egg is bouncy.


  1. Wow Isopo - does it really bounce?! I think I might have to try that experiment and see it for myself. Maybe you could come and show Room Two your egg one morning?

  2. Hi Room 1!
    I am Thelma! That's really cool.I should tell Mrs Graham we should do it sometime.You guys are very good at doing science like Mrs cochrane! And it is weird how it is called a the rubber egg.You guys are very good at posting things on your blog it is very interesting.I think you should post more and more until you get lots of people to comment on your blog and people to see you.I wish i did this but we can't because we have lots of work.And it is yuck to hold a rubber egg.And how do you make it bouncy and big.You are very good at posting!
    By Thelma.Marie.Lalabalavu


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